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Return, Exchange & Refund Policies

What you are buying are my designs.  The products we sell are only the vehicles that carry them.

 Other than Pro Jerseys, I never see or handle the product which ends up in your hands.  Those are manufactured by my suppliers and they are responsible for damaged goods and manufacturing defects.     

With the exception of our Pro Jerseys, all of the suppliers we use are print-on-demand companies,

which means that all products are unique and produced only once ordered.



Printify is the company we use for many of our most popular products

(including our sublimated hoodies)

They are the only company I have found to do such work at an affordable price.

However, returns and exchanges are not supported by them if you ordered the

wrong size, color, or simply don’t like the product.

However, if your PRINTIFY item has a defect.  

Please contact me via

Please supply photos of the defect.  I will submit them to Printify.

They will decide if the defect warrants a reprint.

After you receive your reprint, if there is still an issue, we start the process again.

Only then will they consider a refund.

Again, this is their policy.  I have no control over it.

Two suppliers we use (Bonfire and Spreadshirt) do accept returns. 



Once there, click "I have a question about my order"

Supply your order number (from your original email from Bonfire)

They will guide you from there.


Spreadshirt 1-800-381-0815

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