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All of our items are designed in Buffalo. We use 2 companies to print our products. Bonfire silk screens all work, but limit us to 8 colors. Spreadshirt is a computer transfer and allows for more colors and gradients.  Both are excellent quality. Who we use depends on the design. Clicking on the pic of the item you want will direct you to the appropriate site.


All of our items are available in multiple styles and colors.

If you don't see a color or style you like, chat with us below.  We might be able to make it happen!

We're always looking for ideas.  If we choose yours (and it sells), you get the t-shirt for free!


We're fundraising for Eddie and his Dad, Nick. Eddie was born Congenital Heart Defects. Although he is only 6 years old, he has endured 8 heart surgeries, the last requiring 24 hours in the OR and 6 weeks at Stanford University Medical Center. I have never seen a child with more fight and spirit than Eddie. He exemplifies all of the best traits of Bills Mafia, and thusly is one of its most beloved members. This fund will help defray expenses they have incurred through this and in case of future medical requirements.


You can also help by buying the shirt below, all proceeds go directly to Eddie's dad, Nick.

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